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Trends will come and trends will go, but a timeless elegance never goes out of style. My Wedding Sessions take advantage of bright, brilliant light to photograph you in the natural and airy locales that you have chosen for your wedding day.

Jersey Shore beaches, countrysides, rustic farms, and our diverse local landscapes provide the rich colors and perfect backdrops for the wedding images that I love to capture. Every relationship is unique, and every wedding day leads me through another new photographic adventure.

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My specialty is a more intimate photographic style.  I take a limited amount of wedding dates in a year, each one I personally photograph.  I work dynamically, interacting all day with your friends and family, learning names and building friendships, not hiding behind the camera from 30 feet away.  

I love to capture classically elegant, brilliantly vivid, and beautifully expressive photos - photos that don't simply mimic fleeting trends. Your wedding photos (and all family event photos, for that matter) are meant to transcend time, becoming part of your family's story and history, treasured today, tomorrow, and passed along to generations to come.

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A wedding album designed for art and for elegant simplicity will never feel "dated."  Photographs should have a permanent and tangible home as you build your life together.  While our choices, our fashions, even our looks are certainly reflective of the time at which we were married, the presentation of these memories should not become trendily dated.  Nor should they become lost and eventually forgotten in technological oblivion.

My signature portfolio albums are designed in-house, image by image, by me.  My couples, confident in my years of experience and busy enjoying their new life together, will often let ME choose, design and deliver their completed album worry free.  My albums  are designed for art, for beauty, and for vibrancy.  Printed on its pages, the memories and faces of friends and loved ones can forever be held close.

A Custom Portfolio Album hand-bound in the USA is included in my Burlington or Atlantic Sessions, and is an option with any other Session.

Christopher Huston Timeless Photographics leather wedding album

basic sessions begin at $1050.

The Digital Essentials Session - eight hours of photography, two photographers, edited digital images on a USB plus a selection of 5x7 prints - $2650.

The "Atlantic" Session
My premiere wedding session, designed with bright & airy settings in mind.
Eight hours of photography, two photographers, and a beautiful Portfolio Album
- $3850
  -  The "Atlantic" on FILM is also available

Film Sessions capture the love and craft of a newly revitalized form of photography.  Using Kodak films, your photos are taken with a grace and elegance.  Let's set up a time to meet so I can tell you about the beauty and advantages of film shooting.

Please feel free to call me, so I can hear more about your wedding day plans!  (856) 220-3478

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Enshrouded in the turmoil of a terrible virus, I found the gift of time.  With events and shooting sessions put on hold, myself, and many people without school or work, found themselves with free time on their hands.  A LOT of free time.  Time to reflect.  Time to level off.  Time for family.  Time for bike rides and picnics in the yard.  Time to look forward.

I had been feeling "off track" for a bit, so I used my new found time in April and May of 2020 to look back on 20+ years as a wedding photographer.  What I found was that the past five years of weddings were a blur.  Weddings had become frenetic; a race to keep up with speeding trends and even more speedy trendsetters - a mad dash toward social media finish lines.  The weddings that I could most vividly recall were the weddings that were grounded in family, in friends, and in futures.  These couples chose more intimate settings and less distractions for their wedding days.  These couples all received one of my gorgeous Portfolio Albums.

I thought I'd have to dig deeper for some more clarity, but in reality I didn't need to dig very far at all.  For almost all of these weddings that were jumping out at me, the locations and pace of the day allowed me to bring along a few rolls of film to shoot.  I enjoyed shooting that film as much as those couples enjoyed the idea that I wanted to shoot film at their wedding.  It seemed that the answer I was trying to find had been in front of me the whole time.

So in April and May of 2020 I used my free time to shoot rolls of film.  I enjoyed photographing the earliest signs of spring develop into full summer bloom.  The temporarily slowed pace of the world was perfect for looking at intricate details and waiting for the right light.  I was able to focus more in the NOW of the photos I was taking.  I enjoyed waiting for my film to come back from processing.  Looking at the images on each roll was like going back and revisiting each moment again.

When the world starts back up again, and it will, I'm sure many people will go right back to racing through life.  Others will have found value and benefit in this new pace.

Time.  Film.  Photographs.
I feel back on track.


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