Returning to My Passion...

In 2012, I had an urge to dust off my F100 and load a roll of B&W film into it.  Photographically speaking, it was probably the wisest thing I've ever done.  After only eight years, digital photography had become monotonous...  predictable, routine, unsophisticated.  Film photography asked for skill and confidence.  Film asked for thought and vision, and especially for a more diligent pace.  These are analogous to the qualities that first drew me into photography so many years ago.

Not long after that day with my F100 and the very first B&W photo in this Gallery, I finally acquired the F4s I had dreamed of owning way back in 1988.  This was a feeling of pure photography to me - turning dials and rings while peering through the viewfinder, carefully composing each of your thirty-six frames, one at a time.

In the following years, my prized Hasselblad was also dusted off, and then an F5 as well as the amazing F6 joined my shooting arsenal.

Please enjoy some of my photos that I have captured with my film cameras...

I am especially proud of this image, chosen by Kodak Professional Films as the July photo in their 2020 KproCalendar.

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