Coffee, exploring, shooting film, bright natural light, and mountains  -  these are all me.

I have been a career photographer since I was 18 years old - and I probably always will be.  I have photographed weddings in Key West, Florida and in Phoenix, Arizona.  I photographed a world leader once in Washington, DC and a major corporate CEO in Manhattan, NY.  I photographed my 9 year old nephew playing pee-wee hockey.  In 2012, I photographed the east coast movement of retired Space Shuttles Discovery, Enterprise, and Atlantis in Washington, DC, Jersey City, NJ, and Merritt Island, FL.

If I see a mountain, I want to climb it.  If I see a canyon, I want to explore it.  If I see a trail, I want to see where it leads.  I probably have a different backpack for each of those, too!  The outdoors is where I love to be.  Whether that is hiking a local trail, wading through a cranberry bog, relaxing on LBI, photographing a countryside wedding, or exploring my favorite place, the Grand Canyon, it really doesn't matter.


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