My name is Christopher and I have been a career photographer since I was 18 years old.  I am based in Southern New Jersey, not too far from the Jersey Shore, which happens to be my favorite wedding shooting location.  Wedding photography came naturally to me, with its high energy, constant movement, and the interactions and personalities of so many people.  I have photographed weddings as far south as Key West, Florida, as far west as Phoenix, Arizona, and as far north as Stowe, Vermont.

Taking photographs on the weekends as a primary job allowed me to keep my weekdays free for more personal interest assignments.  I once photographed a world leader in Washington, DC.  I photographed a major Wall St. financial CEO in Manhattan.  A set of photographs taken by me resides in the Library of Congress.  I traveled around Alaska photographing some tiny remote towns and the lonely roads between them.  In 2012, I photographed the east coast movement of retired Space Shuttles Discovery, Enterprise, and Atlantis in Washington, DC, Jersey City, NJ, and Merritt Island, FL.  In 2020, during the COVID pandemic, my Farmers Market film series was picked up and featured by Kodak Professional.  And for a week or two every October, you will find me starting my days at 6 AM on a NJ cranberry farm photographing the fall harvest.

I'd love to hear from you so that we can plan ideas for your unique photo shoot!

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Enshrouded in the turmoil of a terrible virus, I found the gift of time. With events and shooting sessions put on hold, myself, and many people without school or work, found themselves with free time on their hands. A LOT of free time. Time to reflect. Time to level off. Time for family. Time for bike rides and picnics in the yard. Time to look forward.

I had been feeling "off track" for a bit, so I used my new found time in April and May of 2020 to look back on 20+ years as a wedding photographer. What I found was that the past five years of weddings were a blur. Weddings had become frenetic; a race to keep up with speeding trends and even more speedy trendsetters - a mad dash toward social media finish lines. The weddings that I could most vividly recall were the weddings that were grounded in family, in friends, and in futures. These couples chose more intimate settings and less distractions for their wedding days. These couples all received one of my gorgeous Portfolio Albums.

I thought I'd have to dig deeper for some more clarity, but in reality I didn't need to dig very far at all. For almost all of these weddings that were jumping out at me, the locations and pace of the day allowed me to bring along a few rolls of film to shoot. I enjoyed shooting that film as much as those couples enjoyed the idea that I wanted to shoot film at their wedding. It seemed that the answer I was trying to find had been in front of me the whole time.

So in April and May of 2020 I used my free time to shoot rolls of film. I enjoyed photographing the earliest signs of spring develop into full summer bloom. The temporarily slowed pace of the world was perfect for looking at intricate details and waiting for the right light. I was able to focus more in the NOW of the photos I was taking. I enjoyed waiting for my film to come back from processing. Looking at the images on each roll was like going back and revisiting each moment again.

When the world starts back up again, and it will, I'm sure many people will go right back to racing through life. Others will have found value and benefit in this new pace.

Time. Film. Photographs.
I feel back on track.


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