Timeless Photography by Christopher Huston, Marlton, NJ and the Jersey Shore - Wedding and Engagement Photography



My photography is based on mixing modern creativity with a classic artistry.  Trends will come and trends will go, but a timeless elegance never goes out of style.  I like to look for a beautiful consistency counter to the “run and gun” mentalities so often seen with quantity focused shooters.  Bright, airy, crisp and colorful – I like to see the bold beautiful vibrance in the photos I capture.  Beaches, countrysides, farms, and outdoor settings help provide me with the brilliant lighting that I love to work in.

I have found that wedding days can become a blur of activity and emotions.  My more relaxed sessions are geared toward optimizing our time, light and locations to get the best portfolio of images.  My photography is about finding and helping to create the special moments you want to hold on to.  It is about enthusiastically interacting with couples, with friends, and with family.  I want to see smiles.  I want to see faces.  I want to see expression.

Among other things, my renewed interest in film has taught me that my photography benefits from the process of intention.  I find more reward in waiting for that one great photo, instead of rapid-firing and hoping the shot is in there somewhere.  I strive to capture classically elegant photos that will look beautiful today, tomorrow, and even 25 years from now.

Even in today's digital world, I believe that many couples still hold a place in their hearts for incredible photos.

Beautiful Photographs.  Personal Attention.  Handcrafted Albums.

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Marlton, NJ, the Jersey Shore, and Southern New Jersey.