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  1. Christopher H Photo - on KODAK social media!

    24 Oct 2020
    I was super excited and super proud this past week, as a group of my film photos was featured on Kodak Professional Films social media pages!  You can find the feature on their Instagram - @kodakprofessional  -  and on their Twitter feed - @KodakProFilmBiz Check out the Kodak feeds and…

  2. Christopher H Photo - October Photo Feature!

    18 Oct 2020
    As the weather gets cooler here in New Jersey, I’ll feature a film flashback to summertime at the Jersey Shore… Back in July, I was in Cape May for a beach portrait session.  Cape May is a bit of a drive, plus I have to figure summer shore traffic, so…

  3. Beth and Luke - a Timeless Cape May Beach Wedding

    03 Oct 2020
    After a recent Portrait Session, my client, whom I’ve worked with many times over the years, repeated after me ”Timeless Photographics…   Is that new?”  Why, yes it is fairly new.   Someone once compared their own industry to me as a pendulum. Trends and desires swing so far to…

  4. Christopher H Photo - September Photo Feature!

    04 Sep 2020
    Autumn is just about here, and that means only one thing for me - Cranberry Harvest!  I’m going to feature a cranberry photo of mine that has been making the rounds lately… Welcome to a New Jersey cranberry bog!  New Jersey is the third largest producer of cranberries in the…

  5. Christopher H Photo - Part II, Processing Film

    05 Aug 2020
    USING A PROCESSING LAB OK, you’ve shot your first roll of film - now what?  There’s only one answer:  You need to process your film. The good news is that film processing labs are rebounding as more and more photographers shoot more and more film.  There are good labs and…

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