Beth and Luke


Someone once compared their own industry to me as a pendulum. Trends and desires swing so far to the one side that the pendulum peaks and then begins to swing back to the other direction. I really love this analogy! Let’s imagine that to the far left is the super-traditional time of late-1980s wedding photography, with 200 precisely posed photos. To the far right is the late-2010s, with its crazed, shoot-from-the-hip, thousands-of-wedding-snapshots trend. And somewhere in the middle is a beautiful balance of crafted photos planned for perfect locations and light along with a group of fun and candid photos capturing the spontaneity of the day’s moments. This middle ground is where I most love to be.

Wedding photographs are meant to transcend time, to last forever, to be passed down from one generation to the next.  Wedding albums can be carried along on life’s journey, an ever-present journal of the day you vowed to be together “from this day on.”  I love to capture wedding photos honestly and from the heart, giving every wedding a timeless quality.  And so, Timeless Photographics.

Beth and Luke were married quite some time ago on the beaches of Cape May.  They were an amazing couple from two sides of the earth.  She was from New Jersey, he was from Australia, they had met in Colorado, and were married in Cape May.  I made a beautiful album for them from their wedding photos.  Then I made a sample for myself.  Then a few years later I made another.  Then I featured their photos on my last Blog.  Now, here they are again in the new-for-2020 Timeless Journal.  Their wedding is truly timeless, having been planned not for social media or for fleeting viral fame, but to bring together two families from opposite sides of the globe in celebration of a beautiful couple uniting in marriage.  Please enjoy one of my favorite weddings and favorite couples of all time…

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