Christopher H Photo - New Jersey Farmers Markets

Southern New Jersey Farmers Markets.
With my weekends free in the spring and summer of 2020, I stretched my photographic legs at local Farmers Markets.  The colors and textures were the thoughts I initially had.  Although I found plenty of both, I also found many friendly and talented faces. 
All photographs taken on Kodak Portra film…

The markets may have looked a little different this year, but you can still see the smiles!

When the pandemic walloped New Jersey, all of my scheduled spring and summer weddings were either canceled or postponed. With my weekends now free and after the eventual loosening of outdoor gatherings, although with certain precautions still necessary, I decided to visit some local towns’ farmers markets. I imagined the beautiful colors of all the different kinds of fruits and vegetables would be a great subject for film photography.

What I found myself drawn to, however, was the people. While spending time at vendors’ tables, I started to hear the other stories of how COVID had disrupted or changed lives. I met the farmer who typically sold to local restaurants, which were now closed.  I met the young woman who had just landed her dream job at a NY hotel when the pandemic shut its doors. I met florists with no events to make bouquets for. I bought from food trucks with no township or county fairs to travel to. I met local bakers and artists who decided to use their quarantine time to try and make a ‘go’ of their business ideas.  So many people who had to abruptly adjust to the drastic changes this year had dropped on us. But, so many spirits undiminished! These are not only local businesses, these are your local neighbors. We can all support each other.

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